About me

I’m Wesley Mead, a 31-year-old residing in Wiltshire, England. I’m married to the wonderful Choni, and we are the proud owners of pet chinchilla Toothy.

I’m a financial analyst by day, and an avid pop culture junkie by night. In particular, I’m interested in TV, film, home media, politics, the Internet, music, reading, and snooker.

I use Firefox and love Otis the Aardvark.

TV Viewing Log 2021

1463Mr Bean: Happy Birthday docNA7.52021-01TV
146530 RockS6 RW82021-01DVD
1466Mortimer & Whitehouse Gone FishingS37.52021-01DVD
1467Impractical Jokers: Dinner PartyS1b82021-01DL
146930 RockS7 RW82021-01DVD
1472Diff’rent StrokesS7 RW6.52021-01DVD
1473Diff’rent StrokesS8 RW6.52021-01DVD
1476Mark Kermode’s Secrets of CinemaS382021-01TV
1477Finding AliceS172020-01BBOX
1478Adventure Game, TheS182021-01DVD
1479Death in ParadiseS17.52021-02DVD
1480Not Going OutS1182021-02TV
1481How Not to Live Your LifeS282021-02DVD
1482How Not to Live Your LifeS3/Xm7.52021-02DVD
1483Search PartyS192021-02DL
1484Search PartyS28.52021-02DL
1485Search PartyS38.52021-02DL
1486Search PartyS48.52021-02DL
1487Paul Sinha’s Telly ShowdownS172021-02TV
1488Adventure Game, TheS27.52021-02DVD
1489Rhod Gilbert’s Growing PainsS18.52021-02NOW
14908 out of 10 Cats Does CountdownS2021-18.52021-02TV
1491Victoria Coren Mitchell panel showsNAmix2021-02VAR
1492Crime Scene: Vanishing at Cecil HotelS182021-02NFLX
1493Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial KillerS182021-02NFLX
1494Behind Her EyesS182021-02NFLX
1495It’s a SinS192021-02BD
1496Stand Up and Deliver: SU2CS182021-02ALL4
1497Difficult PeopleS18.52021-02DL
1498Franklin & BashS482021-02DVD
1499Family GuyS2082021-02DIS
1500Celebrity CatchpointS172021-02TV
1501Adventure Game, TheS37.52021-02DVD
1502Death in ParadiseS27.52021-02DVD
1504For Heaven’s SakeS182021-03DL
1505Celebrity Escape RoomE18.52021-03DL
1506Last Leg, TheS2021a82021-03TV
1507The Chase (US)S182021-03DL
1508Would I Lie To YouS148.52021-03TV
1509Goldbergs, TheS782021-03DL
1510South ParkVACC8.52021-03DL
1511Sister, SisterS382021-03NFLX
1512Raising DadS17.52021-03DL
1513Richard Osman’s House of GamesS3b82021-03TV
1514Ginny & GeorgiaS182021-03NFLX
1515Malcolm in the MiddleS4 RW7.52021-03DVD
1517Ranganation, TheS37.52021-03IPL
1518Out of Her MindS17.52021-03IPL
1520Cougar TownS582021-03DIS
1521Pitts, TheS192021-03DL
1522Cougar TownS682021-03DIS
1523Steps ReunionS17.52021-03YT
1524Are You Afraid of the Dark? [2019]S282021-03DL
1525Mel Giedroyc: UnforgivableS18.52021-03TV
1526Adventure Game, TheS472021-03DVD
1527Misery Index, TheS37.52021-03DL
1528Difficult PeopleS282021-03DL
1529Undoing, TheS18.52021-03DVD
1530Harlan Coben’s SafeS18.52021-03DVD
1531Only ConnectS2020-218.52021-03TV
1534Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night TakeawayS1782021-04TV
1535Harlan Coben’s The StrangerS182021-04NFLX
1537Five, TheS172021-04NOW
1538Ted LassoS182021-04APPLE
1539Great British Bake Off SU2C, TheS202182021-04TV